22 Márta 2011

Back to it - lots has happened!

Lets see what I've accomplished in a year:
Plans for the new year...
  • Survive and grow the shop ( survived so far)
  • Sucessfully plan and execute the 5th anniversary Emerald Isle parade - bigger and better!( 6th n ow done)
  • Help Renata to start a Gaelic Language class in Lees Summit (Renata has a job elsewhere now)
  • Continue the Kerry Book Club in my shop and provide more interesting reading (back again this summer)
  • Have another music session or two in my shop (not yet)
  • Bring irish music to Lees Summit's Downtown days this summer ( harder that I expected - not yet)
  • Make my vision of being a tea merchant in my shop more of a reality than a whim or a part time venture. (did it and still growing nicely)
  • Help to marry our daughter to Jim Lynch this spring. (April 10 at St. Mark's in Independence) (Done!)
  • Attend the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas and spend nothing in slot machines, but learn a lot about the tea trade and develop more vendor contacts.(Couldn't afford it)
  • That should do me in!!! (it did not)
More news, Kristin delivered a teeny tiny baby girl on March 18. Elise Marie Lynch 13 inche3s long, 1.10 lbs. We are confident that she will flourish. Ask me about her struggle and success. So proud of all 3 in this little family! Can't wait to get them home. More later.

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