13 Aibreán 2014

Well, it's been a long time! Its time I came back to life as it were. I have been very busy, life has changed a bit since I last blogged, and I hope to make that  news clear as I go along here. I hope that you are still interested!

Let's see, I had closed my shop on SE Main Street when I last blogged, I think. It's been tough since then, I really, really miss my store and all that I tried to accomplish there. Since July 2012, I've come to realize all that I did get to do and I miss all of my friends terribly. 

I've made new friends too, but the Irish has been my passion since 2001 when I first associated myself with them through my friends at the Ancient Order of Hibernians. Since I joined, I've lost some wonderful friends. Men I will miss forever. Frank Stapleton, Jim Ryan, John O'Neil (I joined with him on the same night). So many more. I actually was their Vice President and then President all in the space of 5 years. I need to get back to them, if they will have me.

Not that I haven't had anything to do. I have worked at a home health company in Lees Summit, called Home Instead Senior Care. Wonderful ladies for sure  And I've been busy with our Downtown Lees Summit Emerald Isle St. Patrick's day Parade too. Here's a link to a You Tube video this year:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csZoUU-AEzw
I got to be interviewed by Cynthia Newsome this year and really enjoyed it!

Anyway. More to come later! Stay with me!

30 Nollaig 2011

The "First Foot"

A dear friend of mine, Ann Beno, from Dublin Ireland, told me a neat story, a custom really in Ireland. It's called the First Foot. On New Year's Day in Ireland, you have to honor the first person in your door with a slice of fruit Cake and a glass of wine. Nice enough, but that person is traditionally a tall, dark-haired male; a female or fair-haired male are in some places regarded as unlucky. The first-foot usually brings several gifts, including perhaps a coin, bread, salt, coal, or a drink, which respectively represent financial prosperity, food, flavor, warmth, and good cheer.

The first footer can be the owner of the house, as long as it's a male, but he must leave the house before the stroke of midnight, and come back in to be the first foot in the door after midnight. (also dark-haired and fair skinned). This is all to ensure prosperity and happiness in the coming year.

May your first footer come quickly after the stroke of midnight, in order that you can retire and begin this new year all the sooner!

4 Samhain 2011

Happy Fall 2011 - Wait...it's Christmas???

Geez,, we couldn't wait for the changing of the leaves and a little cooler weather. Then Halloween has come and gone already. TODAY in Lee's Summit, it's the Christmas Traditional open house weekend. Where did the enjoyment of the fall color go? Where is Thanksgiving in all of this? Well, I am going to squeeze all the fun out of Fall that I can. I've taken a couple of excellent walks through Unity Village and found splendor that i never knew existed, all within 2 miles of my front door. We've lived in the shadows of Unity Village for over 20 years and never knew what we had. I can't wait now, for Spring. Free entertainment and beauty; camera - ready waiting for me to get there. 

I am working on Christmas for the shop. I love my business. I love my customers. I hope that they feel it when they come in. I want my shop to provide the feeling and fun that I experienced in Innis, Ireland when I went shopping for my family. I wanted to experience shopping in the Irish way. SO my shop does look like a store in Innis. I just want my people to get what they want, as I did in Ireland. I want my shop jam-packed to the rafters, (which you can see in my shop, by the way). But in this current day and age, we don't have everything here that I want. I know that we'll get there.  It's my passion. Many don't share that passion. Sometimes my kids tell me that I need to close up and just stop. Sometimes I listen and think it over. But, taking after my dad's Irish family, I also have German influences from my mom, and I can be pretty determined.  I just don't want to give up. 

I pray that my customers will continue to come in and continue to be patient. I hope that my kids will someday see that my persistence is a character trait that they should emulate too. I'd love nothing more than to plan a trip with my family to go to Ireland and see the places that I've seen, and to maybe walk where members of our families have walked. Anyway - that's what I want...let's see what I get!

Our little Elise has been a shop girl since before her birth date. This is because she was born so very early. By the time her mom had to go back to work, it was still before her normal birth date. I got the opportunity to provide day care, and have been doing just that for months now. We get along famously. She's a favorite on the block with customers, the mailman, delivery men and the other vendors on the block. She's just awesome.

Well, come by when you can. If you do not see something that you thought that you should - let me know. I can find almost anything. I'd rather find something you need than not see you at all!! 

Slainte and Nollaig Shonna Dhuit!

Chuck Denton
Doherty & Sullivan's

25 Márta 2011

She's here already!! Our little guest is here early , and we haven't got ready!

My favorite daughter, Kristin called me last Wednesday, the day before St Patrick's Day to say,"Dad!! I have to go to the hospital right now! My blood pressure is high and there's some other things going on and they want me now, can you go with me?"  I told her that I would of course, and asked her to meet me at our house. Had I known how serious this was, I would have told her to just lay down and I'd get there. But I didn't.She got to the house and we made it to St. Mary's in Blue Springs.We were eventually told that there was serious protein in her urine and her BP was something like 201/190...AWFULLY high. Stroke levels. But Kristin said that she felt perfect;y normal. They told us that our girl was going to give birth in a matter of days. WAIT!! She isn't due till June. Regardless, that baby needs to be here, not there and now!

Kristin was taken by ambulance to St Luke's on the Plaza in KC. After examinations head to toe, it was determined that the baby had to be prepped for C Section delivery. She was given a drug to fortify her lungs. Kristin was gicen Magnesium to both help the baby and to keep Kristin form stroking out. This was taking place so quickly. They were maintained for 2 days, and then on the day AFTER ST. Patrick's Day, delivery procedures were started. Oh My God!!

The family who could gather did, Jim was there all the Grandparents...that's us and Margaret and Dennis Lynch were there supporting each other. Margaret & I said a rosary silently. Eventually Jim came out to tell us that Elise was here, and that Kristin was being attended to, we could see them shortly. We did see Kristin and told her how proud we were and glad that this part - although waaay early, is now behind her. Together we look forward to watching and helping Elise to grow and be a part of our families.  We are so prouod.

Our Little Bird as I call her, is doing very well. This is Thursday, almost a week later, and she has passed so many tests. She is off the respirator and C-PAP, breathing pretty much on her own, with a cannula device to remind her if she forgets. But jaundice fears are pretty much gone, she is eating thru a little srynge, all systems are go, she just needs to grow. Today, she's at 1 pound, 9 ounces, having lost an ounce or so over night. This will be up and down. But she's drinking some rich good stuff her momma found, and all's well. She's rested on Kristin's chest and liked it so much she would not calm down when they came to take her to her incubby. She was pissed!!! (I liked that) - she has a nickname in the NICU - Miss Firecracker. She has an attitude!!  Awwwlright! That's my girl!
More soon...

22 Márta 2011

Back to it - lots has happened!

Lets see what I've accomplished in a year:
Plans for the new year...
  • Survive and grow the shop ( survived so far)
  • Sucessfully plan and execute the 5th anniversary Emerald Isle parade - bigger and better!( 6th n ow done)
  • Help Renata to start a Gaelic Language class in Lees Summit (Renata has a job elsewhere now)
  • Continue the Kerry Book Club in my shop and provide more interesting reading (back again this summer)
  • Have another music session or two in my shop (not yet)
  • Bring irish music to Lees Summit's Downtown days this summer ( harder that I expected - not yet)
  • Make my vision of being a tea merchant in my shop more of a reality than a whim or a part time venture. (did it and still growing nicely)
  • Help to marry our daughter to Jim Lynch this spring. (April 10 at St. Mark's in Independence) (Done!)
  • Attend the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas and spend nothing in slot machines, but learn a lot about the tea trade and develop more vendor contacts.(Couldn't afford it)
  • That should do me in!!! (it did not)
More news, Kristin delivered a teeny tiny baby girl on March 18. Elise Marie Lynch 13 inche3s long, 1.10 lbs. We are confident that she will flourish. Ask me about her struggle and success. So proud of all 3 in this little family! Can't wait to get them home. More later.

6 Feabhra 2011

New year, new blog!

On the blog, seems like I do well for a couple of weeks into the new year. I really do intend to journalize...stuff, but I let life take me on with it down the stream of life's course, and then,  getting lost in the current, my plans vanish. But I think that it would be good to let anyone who is interested in knowing what my plans for 2011 are for the shop.

I still intend to bring anyone who comes in to see us as much fun as they are willing to have. This past Saturday was a fine example. I had a ton of folks coming out to see us - not just because it was the Chocolate Crawl, but because they - like myself - have had enough of the 4 walls around them. We HAD to get out. We had to have some human interaction with persons other than the normal husband or wife, son or daughter that we normally see. I truly enjoyed explaining the meaning of what Cead Mile Failte means. I love explaining the meaning of the Claddagh. I have patiently waited all month long for my "peeps" to come back and to see us. I just wish that I had more to show and tell. One day.. I will!

In the meantime, we are getting folks interested in loose teas and tea instruments. I am learning more and more. Actually I am learning what all I do no know. But I do know that teas are a wonderful thing to study and to taste. What a terrific job I created for myself. And what fun I am having!!

Come out and see what we have to offer and buy an ounce of a new loose leaf tea, or an unusual accessory to help you enjoy tea to your best advantage!!


20 Iúil 2010

Hard Decisions Made - Now lets move on!

Yeah, It has been very scary lately in Lee's Summit. Even today, I've only had 3 people in to see me. It's Tuesday and Very hot. It was hot yesterday too but I had something like 18 people in the shop. My good friend Ann Beno purchased tea (and looked after some other customers who came in at the same time - offering tea and conversation), and a new friend made a decision to purchase a beautiful wedding ring for his wife of 25 years.

With so few customers coming in, I've started to listen to those few people who ask, "why did you decide to open an Irish store?"  "Why in Lees Summit?"  Well, my answer to those people is why not? Why shouldn't I have a dream too? For 30+ years I did the right and correct thing. I had a corporate job. I held my tongue when it was expected to be held. I didn't react in my own way when the company way was the best course of action. This has been my dream. This is my passion, and I make no apologies for it. I will have to answer to someone someday, but it will be MY answer. And I don't think that I will have any serious explaining to do when that day does come. I'm as honest as the day is long, as true a friend as you'll ever have.

I've made my own friends, and my friends have become a part of my family so I feel particularly blessed to have this Irish Store. I am particularly blessed to have the friends that I have, and no, you can't count them on a FaceBook counter.

Why am I ranting? I just think that it's a crummy question to ask a person..."Why did you decide to do THIS?"  So don't ask me. If you have to ask, you don't know me. So, I will  keep my store in Lees Summit right where it is today. I am NOT closing in October. as someone's kindly spreading around. But I am not going to the KC Irish Fest, and that is seriously depressing to me.

I am serious about our on-line store this time. I want it to succeed, and by succeed I simply mean that I want to pay some bills. So - spread the word about the on-line shop. Or just click here: http://www.DSTreats.com and then tell someone else. Let someone else know that there is an Irish Goods store that you are familiar with. If you like it, tell them that. If you don't - then let them figure that out on their own, but send them there.