14 Aibreán 2009

Now that the parade has passed...

Easter has also marched on down the calendar too. You'd think that Spring would be evident by now, but it's just not. The sun is out today but that wind is so cold - it's keeping my shoppers home where it's as least warm. Come on - venture out!! Come out and play!!

I did have a nice visit from my oldest friend, Tutti Nesselroad. She walked all the way to the shop from Greenwood. She comes to town every month carrying her egg basket and shopping bag. I took her picture this time. She was looking for a Celtic Cross pendant, and luckily I had one for her. I can't believe that she walks all that way. I can't imagine how old she is. (AND I know better than to ask her).

Anyway - come on out when you can. I know that you will. If Tutti can walk all the way from Greenwood, I know that you can drive on out and see us!

Oh, and before I forget, the Easter Bunny came out to visit too. He's on Twitter now. That's what he came out to tell me. So yeah, I follow him now too. I am so sorry about the Twitter name I chose...I was undeer pressure to get one, and I was watching a really funny movie at the time, the one with "McLovin" in it...and I picked McStud. So sorry. Really! Anyway, here's his picture. You'll see that he was in front of my shop!

2 Aibreán 2009

Gee, it's April already!

Well if you were not in Lees Summit on March 14, you missed a wonderful community celebration. I mean it's just so cool to see thousands of our neighbors and friends turn out to see a few hundred (alright, it was 850) people dress funny and do odd things to their cars and trucks, in the name of St. Patrick. I am so proud of Lees Summit, its a blessing to live and work here. Others call us the Olathe of Missouri, the Lenexa of the east. I think its just funny that they can't recognize us for what we are...Lee's Summit. We're the Lees' s Summit of Missouri, and that's good enough.

One thing that I can't understand, though, is that we can't get any media types to come here and take a look at us. We deserve our time in the sun too. I studied the demographics before I set up shop here five years ago, so I know how Irish we are here. But I also know that you can't beat the swelling I get in my chest when our Emerald Isle parade winds its way up Green Street, and we pass the wonderful parade fans who literally move their living room furniture outside to watch the parade as we go by. And when the parade turns the corner from Green Street to Third, OH MY GOD!!! - you just can't imagine the feeling of seeing thousands of our Lee's Summit friends and neighbors waiting for us. Its a beautiful thing. Lee's Summit IS A BEAUTIFUL thing! Thank YOU!

So, watch us next year, from the curb, or from your front yard. We're that kind of town. We're a Lee's Summit family sort of town!

Oh, and my family...I love you all. My people came out from all over. I'm a Kansas native - yessir, Wyandotte County Kansas City Kansas born and bred. My people came and felt comfortable enough to pitch in and help and march and become a part of our community too. Catch us next year...watch out Kelly O'Casper...and keep your eyes peeled, Green Family, my family is looking to win a trophy too!!!