6 Feabhra 2011

New year, new blog!

On the blog, seems like I do well for a couple of weeks into the new year. I really do intend to journalize...stuff, but I let life take me on with it down the stream of life's course, and then,  getting lost in the current, my plans vanish. But I think that it would be good to let anyone who is interested in knowing what my plans for 2011 are for the shop.

I still intend to bring anyone who comes in to see us as much fun as they are willing to have. This past Saturday was a fine example. I had a ton of folks coming out to see us - not just because it was the Chocolate Crawl, but because they - like myself - have had enough of the 4 walls around them. We HAD to get out. We had to have some human interaction with persons other than the normal husband or wife, son or daughter that we normally see. I truly enjoyed explaining the meaning of what Cead Mile Failte means. I love explaining the meaning of the Claddagh. I have patiently waited all month long for my "peeps" to come back and to see us. I just wish that I had more to show and tell. One day.. I will!

In the meantime, we are getting folks interested in loose teas and tea instruments. I am learning more and more. Actually I am learning what all I do no know. But I do know that teas are a wonderful thing to study and to taste. What a terrific job I created for myself. And what fun I am having!!

Come out and see what we have to offer and buy an ounce of a new loose leaf tea, or an unusual accessory to help you enjoy tea to your best advantage!!


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