31 Nollaig 2009

Yeah, regular - just like that!

No - I didn't intend to wait 4 months between postings! Life just happens.

Here it is after Christmas, and for the first time in my 56 years, I didn't even get to give my mom a Christmas hug. Snow happened! I haven't seen her yet! I will slug the next person I meet who says that they want a white Christmas! Bah! Humbug!

But it was pretty. I just hated the worry that someone leaving wasn't going to make it back in the condition that they left in. I didn't like hearing the phone ringing when someone was out there on the crazy roads that still remain relatively roughly tended to. I know that things are tight, and I respect the people who went out to clear the roads on Christmas day. I resent the budget constraints that didn't allow for more folks to be hired to do the work.. To spread the work further, faster. Anyway - that's enough complaining!

Plans for the new year...
  • Survive and grow the shop
  • Sucessfully plan and execute the 5th anniversary Emerald Isle parade - bigger and better!
  • Help Renata to start a Gaelic Language class in Lees Summit
  • Continue the Kerry Book Club in my shop and provide more interesting reading
  • Have another music session or two in my shop
  • Bring irish music to Lees Summit's Downtown days this summer
  • Make my vision of being a tea merchant in my shop more of a reality than a whim or a part time venture.
  • Help to marry our daughter to Jim Lynch this spring. (April 10 at St. Mark's in Independence)
  • Attend the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas and spen nothing in slot machines, but learn a lot about the tea trade and develop more vendor contacts.
  • That should do me in!!!
Have a beautiful New years and a wonderful 2010!
Siochain! - Peace

Chuck Denton
Doherty & Sullivan's Irish Goods