4 Samhain 2011

Happy Fall 2011 - Wait...it's Christmas???

Geez,, we couldn't wait for the changing of the leaves and a little cooler weather. Then Halloween has come and gone already. TODAY in Lee's Summit, it's the Christmas Traditional open house weekend. Where did the enjoyment of the fall color go? Where is Thanksgiving in all of this? Well, I am going to squeeze all the fun out of Fall that I can. I've taken a couple of excellent walks through Unity Village and found splendor that i never knew existed, all within 2 miles of my front door. We've lived in the shadows of Unity Village for over 20 years and never knew what we had. I can't wait now, for Spring. Free entertainment and beauty; camera - ready waiting for me to get there. 

I am working on Christmas for the shop. I love my business. I love my customers. I hope that they feel it when they come in. I want my shop to provide the feeling and fun that I experienced in Innis, Ireland when I went shopping for my family. I wanted to experience shopping in the Irish way. SO my shop does look like a store in Innis. I just want my people to get what they want, as I did in Ireland. I want my shop jam-packed to the rafters, (which you can see in my shop, by the way). But in this current day and age, we don't have everything here that I want. I know that we'll get there.  It's my passion. Many don't share that passion. Sometimes my kids tell me that I need to close up and just stop. Sometimes I listen and think it over. But, taking after my dad's Irish family, I also have German influences from my mom, and I can be pretty determined.  I just don't want to give up. 

I pray that my customers will continue to come in and continue to be patient. I hope that my kids will someday see that my persistence is a character trait that they should emulate too. I'd love nothing more than to plan a trip with my family to go to Ireland and see the places that I've seen, and to maybe walk where members of our families have walked. Anyway - that's what I want...let's see what I get!

Our little Elise has been a shop girl since before her birth date. This is because she was born so very early. By the time her mom had to go back to work, it was still before her normal birth date. I got the opportunity to provide day care, and have been doing just that for months now. We get along famously. She's a favorite on the block with customers, the mailman, delivery men and the other vendors on the block. She's just awesome.

Well, come by when you can. If you do not see something that you thought that you should - let me know. I can find almost anything. I'd rather find something you need than not see you at all!! 

Slainte and Nollaig Shonna Dhuit!

Chuck Denton
Doherty & Sullivan's