17 Aibreán 2008

Is it Spring yet?

I can't tell... We've come through March and now into the April showers bring May flowers thing and - well I think that I heard that it's gonna snow again out here Saturday. THAT figures! We're leaving Saturday to go to NYC for our shopping pilgrimage. THEN, it gets nice here and guess what it's doing in NYC (not counting Pope delays and detours)...no, not snow, but a ton of rain. This is what Irish luck is. It's not really luck, but the absence of it.

Oh well, at least we'll get to see some old friends and see some neat places. We're even going to try the subway all over town. I guess you don't TRY it, you do it or get off it. We're going to go to the Columbus Park Green Flea Market. It's a huge tented area where a lot of vendors sell just a lot of 'stuff' for nothing. That's just about what my budget is right now...nothing.

Then we'll take another subway crosstown to the East Side. On the east side is Bloomingdales, and we'll go there for a few minutes or so and then on further east to Serendippity's. That's the place where they make those Frrrozen Hot chocolate desserets. Yes, I am going to...

Then lastly, we're going to a place called McSorley's. Kerry Browne told me about it and I am going there for the experience of it. She called it an off boaters place. The phrase caught me ear, so I am going to go see what it is. I know that it's in a part of the City that is very old. Maybe either our Greman or Irish Great Grandpas stoppped there before taking the train to Kansas City Kansas and settling within a block of each other...Uh huh.

Anyway, we will have a good time, and Aunt Shirley and a good friend of mine, Mary Concklin will be working the shop Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, so if you're in the neighborhood, stop by to see them. They will be glad to see you. (And I gave them each a $200.00 daily sales goal).
JJJUUuuuuuuuuuussst kidding.

Sorry it's been so long since the last blog, but I've been busy with Irish season and tax time. Glad its over!

Anyhow -
Come see us - you know that I love our visits!