10 Iúil 2008

The Best Place to eat Pizza In NYC~

This is the best place to go - here it is!!! Pax Wholesome Foods in NYC. Janet and I love this place. She loves the convenience of getting out and shopping and then topping off the day with a nice pizza slice, and then jumping the bus for Jesey to the hotel. I love pax for the danger. I love their pizza and paninis. But the danger is if I am going to make it outta there without consuming real New York Cheesecake or not. Oh God it looks so good. I think about it the whole year until we go back. Their cookies are to dream about. My dad used to make Macaroons. Theirs are chocolate and just unbelieveable and cause great memories!

I think that it also has to do with the fact that you 're within a mile of Times Square and the Theatre District. Next year, we're going to try to get into Saturday Night live. (But only after a Reuben panini and a piece of strawberry Cheese cake heaven)! Oh Yum!

7 Iúil 2008

SO Hot, yet planning for Christmas

I've been working on our yearly 'Belleek Christmas In July' event. Ordering each of the new Belleek items and Reed and Barton Christmas ornaments for our showing later in the month.

At first, I was skeptical about just having one of each available ornament in the shop. I thought that the only correct way to retail is to have robust amounts of everything in my back room shelves. Since I have NO backroom, or shelves, this is the second best way to handle our situation. As I get into this process, I found that ordering for each customer was really fine as far as my folks went. Besides - this way ensures that they will have a nice new ornament ready when they are. And it's a fun excuse to have Christmas cookies and stuff in the shop for folks to graze on. I've already sent out my electronic invitations, and am working on my postcards now, but if you get neither, don't stay away. Come to the shop, July 30 & &31st and or August 1 during our regular hours.

We may h

We may have JUST what you need for your 2008 Christmas Decorating!

(At least I know that you love our Irish shortbread cookies!) Call if you have questions!

- Chuck Denton