31 Nollaig 2009

Yeah, regular - just like that!

No - I didn't intend to wait 4 months between postings! Life just happens.

Here it is after Christmas, and for the first time in my 56 years, I didn't even get to give my mom a Christmas hug. Snow happened! I haven't seen her yet! I will slug the next person I meet who says that they want a white Christmas! Bah! Humbug!

But it was pretty. I just hated the worry that someone leaving wasn't going to make it back in the condition that they left in. I didn't like hearing the phone ringing when someone was out there on the crazy roads that still remain relatively roughly tended to. I know that things are tight, and I respect the people who went out to clear the roads on Christmas day. I resent the budget constraints that didn't allow for more folks to be hired to do the work.. To spread the work further, faster. Anyway - that's enough complaining!

Plans for the new year...
  • Survive and grow the shop
  • Sucessfully plan and execute the 5th anniversary Emerald Isle parade - bigger and better!
  • Help Renata to start a Gaelic Language class in Lees Summit
  • Continue the Kerry Book Club in my shop and provide more interesting reading
  • Have another music session or two in my shop
  • Bring irish music to Lees Summit's Downtown days this summer
  • Make my vision of being a tea merchant in my shop more of a reality than a whim or a part time venture.
  • Help to marry our daughter to Jim Lynch this spring. (April 10 at St. Mark's in Independence)
  • Attend the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas and spen nothing in slot machines, but learn a lot about the tea trade and develop more vendor contacts.
  • That should do me in!!!
Have a beautiful New years and a wonderful 2010!
Siochain! - Peace

Chuck Denton
Doherty & Sullivan's Irish Goods

19 Meán Fómhair 2009

Gotta get more regular!!!

Now that the irish Fest is over, and my terrible bronchitis is hopefully gone on to someone else... Seriously it has been busy. Thanks for all of my family who came to our aid and worked at the Irish Fest. I couldn't have done it without them.

Thanks to my customers who followed us to the fest and had a great time. I love the fall and the Irish Fest!!!! If it were not such a drain on energy, I'd do it monthly!!!

Not much time to blog a lot, but I had to get something on line for a change!!! Take care!

4 Meitheamh 2009

Mother's Ring and pendant

I thought that this product would really rock for Mother's Day. It did, but not one sold. Everyone who came in to shop for mom loved the pendant. It got really nice comments. But I still have mine in the shop. The ring is breathtaking. But I still have it.

This economic crunch really stinks. I know that it's temporary, but man, what really happened to make us all 'fall out' so far so fast? All of my retail friends are in the same boat out here in Lee's Summit. My next door neighbor has finally closed his door for the last time. It is really scary. Remember all of your home town retailers...

14 Aibreán 2009

Now that the parade has passed...

Easter has also marched on down the calendar too. You'd think that Spring would be evident by now, but it's just not. The sun is out today but that wind is so cold - it's keeping my shoppers home where it's as least warm. Come on - venture out!! Come out and play!!

I did have a nice visit from my oldest friend, Tutti Nesselroad. She walked all the way to the shop from Greenwood. She comes to town every month carrying her egg basket and shopping bag. I took her picture this time. She was looking for a Celtic Cross pendant, and luckily I had one for her. I can't believe that she walks all that way. I can't imagine how old she is. (AND I know better than to ask her).

Anyway - come on out when you can. I know that you will. If Tutti can walk all the way from Greenwood, I know that you can drive on out and see us!

Oh, and before I forget, the Easter Bunny came out to visit too. He's on Twitter now. That's what he came out to tell me. So yeah, I follow him now too. I am so sorry about the Twitter name I chose...I was undeer pressure to get one, and I was watching a really funny movie at the time, the one with "McLovin" in it...and I picked McStud. So sorry. Really! Anyway, here's his picture. You'll see that he was in front of my shop!

2 Aibreán 2009

Gee, it's April already!

Well if you were not in Lees Summit on March 14, you missed a wonderful community celebration. I mean it's just so cool to see thousands of our neighbors and friends turn out to see a few hundred (alright, it was 850) people dress funny and do odd things to their cars and trucks, in the name of St. Patrick. I am so proud of Lees Summit, its a blessing to live and work here. Others call us the Olathe of Missouri, the Lenexa of the east. I think its just funny that they can't recognize us for what we are...Lee's Summit. We're the Lees' s Summit of Missouri, and that's good enough.

One thing that I can't understand, though, is that we can't get any media types to come here and take a look at us. We deserve our time in the sun too. I studied the demographics before I set up shop here five years ago, so I know how Irish we are here. But I also know that you can't beat the swelling I get in my chest when our Emerald Isle parade winds its way up Green Street, and we pass the wonderful parade fans who literally move their living room furniture outside to watch the parade as we go by. And when the parade turns the corner from Green Street to Third, OH MY GOD!!! - you just can't imagine the feeling of seeing thousands of our Lee's Summit friends and neighbors waiting for us. Its a beautiful thing. Lee's Summit IS A BEAUTIFUL thing! Thank YOU!

So, watch us next year, from the curb, or from your front yard. We're that kind of town. We're a Lee's Summit family sort of town!

Oh, and my family...I love you all. My people came out from all over. I'm a Kansas native - yessir, Wyandotte County Kansas City Kansas born and bred. My people came and felt comfortable enough to pitch in and help and march and become a part of our community too. Catch us next year...watch out Kelly O'Casper...and keep your eyes peeled, Green Family, my family is looking to win a trophy too!!!

15 Eanáir 2009

Next season: Matters of the heart

Sorry, but that's what happens in retail. You get all involved in the season at hand, and once handled, on to the next one. Oh, gosh, I really used to get hyped up for Valentine's Day. I didn't get to go to Kindergarten, s0 first grade was my first opportunity to experience it. And I had major loves in first grade. I even remember their names. So Sorry, Nancy Morgan, and Barbara Monchil, and Tanya Estrada, and Michelle Hoegler...Yeah, they were serious back then... I planned their valentines with all the angst that a 6 year old boy could muster. My printing on the backs of those 1959 Hallmark valentine cards was executed with the precision of a brain surgeon. It made for a very fun day. It must have. I still remember their names.

But now, now that I'm an old married man - 33 years, Valentines Day is simply a day to remember to get the ol Hallmark credit card out again. And not to try to be creative to impress the Mrs..."NO!!! Don't waste money on candy, I won't eat it. And DO NOT send me flowers at work!!! They just die. (Well, Duh...)

So remember Valentines Days past. Savor the flavor. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

Go raibh míle maith agat! - May you have a thousand good things!!

13 Eanáir 2009

Getting the Irish Season Kicked off

I have great respect and admiration for the staff of the Kansas City St. Patrick's Day Parade. You can't possibly take in all that they have to accomplish in a year's time. To look at the task of re-creating a wonderful, traditional event with such enthusiasm and creativity every year has to leave them breathless. Yet they do it. Flawlessly, I think. And can you imagine what it takes to coordinate with representatives of the City in every respect and discipline, all Irish groups, all vendors, the police, legal agencies, merchants along the route, the Media, oh God, it's really too much to even think about.

I know a very little bit, I've served in a tiny way as a Hibernian rep to the parade committee. They were so very kind, super fun, and considerate. I liked every member of the committee that I came into contact with. I wished I could have been more helpful. But trust me, they have it all under control.

I took what I learned by observation to my little Lee's Summit Emerald Isle Parade. We do pale in comparison in terms of the sheer number of folks that have to be coordinated with. The size of our parade is tiny in relationship to the "Big Parade." But we do match them in spirit. We run our parade with a small team of 10, all responsible of crosschecking eachother to ensure that all of our work tasks are handled, and creative urges are looked at and either allowed or tabled till next year. We're a small but enthusiastic bunch.

This year the parade will step off at 1:00 as last year, on Saturday, March 14. Hopefully, we will not have the bone-chilling freeze that we shared with the Big Parade last year. It was so cold then that our talent, The Lucky Charms, and Flanigan's Right Hook, could only play for a few minutes of their sets. We really missed out last year. But never say die, we'll have some talent this year too.

Just watch out for us. March 14. The Lees Summit Emerald Isle Parade will step off in style.

6 Eanáir 2009

Sorry for the absence...we've been in hell for Christmas.

It has certainly been an interesting year. I've turned into one of those folks who, when you make the mistake of saying:" How have you been?" you get more than you really want to hear... Seriously, I hate it when anybody asks me how my Christmas was. Cause I'm gonna give the the shorthand..."It was fine."

We lost my wife's oldest sister in February due to kidney disease. My father - in - law, Mr. Harold Cullum passed away right at Christmas time, making our holiday season quite gloomy. There were 2 empty seats at our Christmas Dinner this year. So, we're just glad that Christmas has gone back into its many many boxes and back into the basement till next year.

On a GREAT upswing, our daughter, Kristin was engaged to Mr. Jim Lynch on Christmas eve. Yes, he's IRISH... and Italian. What a fun party that will be! More on that later!

Meantime, its time for taxes and inventory and ordering for the new year at Doherty & Sullivan's. Its our 5th year. If you haven't been out to see us - SHAME on you!

Happy New Year!