20 Iúil 2010

Hard Decisions Made - Now lets move on!

Yeah, It has been very scary lately in Lee's Summit. Even today, I've only had 3 people in to see me. It's Tuesday and Very hot. It was hot yesterday too but I had something like 18 people in the shop. My good friend Ann Beno purchased tea (and looked after some other customers who came in at the same time - offering tea and conversation), and a new friend made a decision to purchase a beautiful wedding ring for his wife of 25 years.

With so few customers coming in, I've started to listen to those few people who ask, "why did you decide to open an Irish store?"  "Why in Lees Summit?"  Well, my answer to those people is why not? Why shouldn't I have a dream too? For 30+ years I did the right and correct thing. I had a corporate job. I held my tongue when it was expected to be held. I didn't react in my own way when the company way was the best course of action. This has been my dream. This is my passion, and I make no apologies for it. I will have to answer to someone someday, but it will be MY answer. And I don't think that I will have any serious explaining to do when that day does come. I'm as honest as the day is long, as true a friend as you'll ever have.

I've made my own friends, and my friends have become a part of my family so I feel particularly blessed to have this Irish Store. I am particularly blessed to have the friends that I have, and no, you can't count them on a FaceBook counter.

Why am I ranting? I just think that it's a crummy question to ask a person..."Why did you decide to do THIS?"  So don't ask me. If you have to ask, you don't know me. So, I will  keep my store in Lees Summit right where it is today. I am NOT closing in October. as someone's kindly spreading around. But I am not going to the KC Irish Fest, and that is seriously depressing to me.

I am serious about our on-line store this time. I want it to succeed, and by succeed I simply mean that I want to pay some bills. So - spread the word about the on-line shop. Or just click here: http://www.DSTreats.com and then tell someone else. Let someone else know that there is an Irish Goods store that you are familiar with. If you like it, tell them that. If you don't - then let them figure that out on their own, but send them there.