25 Márta 2011

She's here already!! Our little guest is here early , and we haven't got ready!

My favorite daughter, Kristin called me last Wednesday, the day before St Patrick's Day to say,"Dad!! I have to go to the hospital right now! My blood pressure is high and there's some other things going on and they want me now, can you go with me?"  I told her that I would of course, and asked her to meet me at our house. Had I known how serious this was, I would have told her to just lay down and I'd get there. But I didn't.She got to the house and we made it to St. Mary's in Blue Springs.We were eventually told that there was serious protein in her urine and her BP was something like 201/190...AWFULLY high. Stroke levels. But Kristin said that she felt perfect;y normal. They told us that our girl was going to give birth in a matter of days. WAIT!! She isn't due till June. Regardless, that baby needs to be here, not there and now!

Kristin was taken by ambulance to St Luke's on the Plaza in KC. After examinations head to toe, it was determined that the baby had to be prepped for C Section delivery. She was given a drug to fortify her lungs. Kristin was gicen Magnesium to both help the baby and to keep Kristin form stroking out. This was taking place so quickly. They were maintained for 2 days, and then on the day AFTER ST. Patrick's Day, delivery procedures were started. Oh My God!!

The family who could gather did, Jim was there all the Grandparents...that's us and Margaret and Dennis Lynch were there supporting each other. Margaret & I said a rosary silently. Eventually Jim came out to tell us that Elise was here, and that Kristin was being attended to, we could see them shortly. We did see Kristin and told her how proud we were and glad that this part - although waaay early, is now behind her. Together we look forward to watching and helping Elise to grow and be a part of our families.  We are so prouod.

Our Little Bird as I call her, is doing very well. This is Thursday, almost a week later, and she has passed so many tests. She is off the respirator and C-PAP, breathing pretty much on her own, with a cannula device to remind her if she forgets. But jaundice fears are pretty much gone, she is eating thru a little srynge, all systems are go, she just needs to grow. Today, she's at 1 pound, 9 ounces, having lost an ounce or so over night. This will be up and down. But she's drinking some rich good stuff her momma found, and all's well. She's rested on Kristin's chest and liked it so much she would not calm down when they came to take her to her incubby. She was pissed!!! (I liked that) - she has a nickname in the NICU - Miss Firecracker. She has an attitude!!  Awwwlright! That's my girl!
More soon...

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